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Welcome to Robotics for COMPLETE Beginners.

Robotics, Electronics, Mechatronics, Coding.

these are all sides of the same Megatrending coin:



Nothing can stop the demand and push for automated processes and jobs happening right now.

The world is calling for a new generation of workers.

skilled, knowledgeable creators who will enjoy discovering new methods of getting work done.

be prepared for the massive changes in the job market which will be based upon automation and programming.


gain Vital skills and knowledge to be able to CREATE moving functional machines.

Start your journey to becoming a programmer instead of just a user.

learn quickly and have fun doing it.

Your journey starts today.

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Phase 1

  • Learn the Components

  • Build your Foundation

  • Intro to C Programming Microcontrollers

  • Build your first robot with vital programming skills while using cheap minimal components


Phase 2

  • Communication with PC, Microcontrollers, 
    Accelerometers and Gyros

  • Combining Programs and Components

  • Become experienced with C Programming

  • Understand what is going on inside the chips and how to create complex robots


Phase 3

  • Advanced C Calculations


  • Interpreting Data


  • Python and C Connecting your PC to your Projects

  • Complex Problem Solving


  • Saving Data

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