3D Printing is Just the Beginning

Long ago, the craftsman of the world discovered how to strip trees and plants of their bark and fibers to make threads which became rope. They found out that human and animal hair could be used as well.

They fashioned crude tools out of the rocks that lay on the ground and used these tools to cut down trees and split open fruits and vegetables.

Mortars and pestles ground herbs and spices.

Later, man (humans) discovered the power of water and wind to grind and press wheat and olives, etc.

In the industrial age, hot steam and explosive propulsion fueled the engines that would spin the wheels of the modern world and bring heavy metal machines to life.

These machines would tear through mountains, build roads, dig man made waterways and make the manufacture and distribution of food and goods faster and easier.

Just as wireless radio technology has propelled us into the ages of information, disinformation and propaganda, a revolution in the manufacturing and designing process is currently beginning to unfold.

Thanks to all of the sweat and blood of those who developed, maintained and used tools and machines to improve the quality of life for themselves and their families we have entered into a new era of in-home automated manufacturing.

The seeds of this new revolution were planted long ago when there existed a market opportunity for expansion. Industrial tools were remanufactured and tailored to a new target audience, homemakers. Drills, mixer machines, dishwashers and hairdryers were pitched and sold to housewives and their husbands.

The DIY era was in full swing.

Check the date on this

The History Channel has a fantastic "...that built America" series that I highly recommend you check out for two reasons.

  1. You will be inspired to create things through stories of people who never gave up on their ideas and inventions and how they came up with their ideas

  2. You will learn the history and functions of some invented technology easily.

This is a clip about the DIY tools made for homemakers that revolutionized home improvement.

Fast forward to today and we have a new breed of automated machines that put the process of simple manufacturing into the hands of homeowners once again.

These machines follow two and three dimensional instructions utilizing stepper motors, hot ends, lasers and sharp bladed tips to get the jobs done.

Anything from birthday decorations, custom decal stickers for businesses, laser engraved pistol slides and stippling for pistol grips, 3d printed hardware and even lower receivers for firearms are being created in the kitchens and living rooms of early adopters. People like you.

Not to mention, much of the software used to design these products can be downloaded and used for free.

These machines take little calibration to get started and there are endless tutorials and helpful videos and forums to help reduce the steep learning curve.

3d printed concrete housing is also being experimented with and may soon be a viable option for home builders as the cost of lumber continues to rise.

After all, if you are paying most of your life's savings and working day after day to own a home, wouldn't you want it to be built to last? Something non-flammable? Something that could survive some idiot accidentally slamming into your living room wall?

There is even a company that is 3d printing its own rockets currently.

See the nose of the Terran 1 being printed in this video!

See how we are entering another wave of DIY tools now?

The bottom line is, automated manufacturing from home is the future.

The power to create useful products, robots, and tools with a small investment of time will change the way we live.

Soon, I predict we will be paying to download templates of products such as clothing that we can print at home. These will be tailored to your body type so your clothes will always fit. The other side to this is that handmade clothing will become an amazing job opportunity for those with that golden touch. People will want to pay more for hand made clothing as they see the value in it more than before, it's just how the market tends to go with these things.

It's only a matter of time before we get to the types of fabricators that are in sci fi like you can see here in Half-life Alyx.

You should not wait any longer.

If you cannot afford a machine to create the things you want, that's ok.

Start drawing your ideas with paper and pencil.

You can still download the free design software, learn how to create and then sell your designs over the internet to help you earn the money needed to purchase your first machine.

When you do, make sure you are in love with it. Really commit yourself to learning every nook and cranny of it. Study how to fix it, how it behaves in different temperature conditions, its weaknesses and start out simple.

Learning how to design is like learning piano.

Once you know how to do it, you can go anywhere in the world and still perform.

That should be your goal. To be able to go anywhere, use any computer with your choice of machine and create a product.

Become a wizard.

I wish I had gotten into 3d printing earlier.

I wish I had started designing earlier.

I wish I had believed in myself earlier.

3D printing is now more affordable than ever.

You can get a popular, large community supported printer for under $200!

The widely popular and affordable Ender 3 V2

By taking the wheel of creative design we start creating the future we want, the way we want, when we want it.

Societies that invent, dominate history and change the world forever.

Stay Grounded!