Starting from Zero

Updated: Jan 17, 2020


Congratulations you have decided to take up one of the most difficult and infinitely complex hobbies! Programming electronics!

What is "Electronics"

Everything in this world seems to run of of this technology but what is its most basic form? What is ELECTRONICS in a nutshell? If we can see it in its most simplest form we can better understand it and learn it faster and become more powerful, making better projects!

Electronics in its purest form is utilizing electrical energy to perform work, hence the term "electron" being in the title. Ok, ok...You're smarter than that. Yeah there are various components we need to learn and understand out they function, etc but what are we really after?

Electronics is what separates the WEAK from the POWERFUL. It is a filter that only allows that raw energy of the desire to create great things to pass through. It can be used for great good (medical machines to diagnose and cure illnesses, find lost hikers, make content creation easier, record family memories) or pure evil (spying on citizens, controlling the steering and acceleration of electronic based cars and crashing them into trees, selling illegal items through an internet network). You get the idea.

So the first thing you need to do is close your eyes. Imagine what you want to do with this incredible power that you will soon wield and by soon I mean a few hours to a few years, everyone learns differently ( I'm VERY slow). But the good news is, and I have experience after experience about this, you eventually WILL get it, if you are strong enough to stick with it.

You WILL go crazy.

You WILL feel depressed.

You WILL question reality.

You WILL become religious at some point asking God, angles, passed loved ones or deities for help.

You WILL want to give up.

You WILL regret ever picking this hobby up.


You WILL get excited and inspired when it WORKS.

So shut up, take a walk, take a few days off and come back to it.

You WILL start from ZERO.

You CAN become One, through hard work and dedication.

But first you must crawl...and it can be fun.

I know all of this because I have been there before. I'm there right NOW! And I know the cycle, so I come back to it again and again.

I will be your guide to make this all clearer for you and to save you time so you can get your imaginations into reality.

Jump into my free electronics and robot programming course!

To get started on the right path and follow along better equip yourself with my favorite electronics and robotics programming guide with example projects by Elliot Williams.

Also, if you haven't already get yourself a basic kit. The arduino uno kit can be programmed in C and the chip is removable for placing on a breadboard.

See me on Youtube for a whole lot more.