Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs POWER TEAM

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Best Buddies

People love Steve Jobs. He is largely misunderstood by myself as well. I now understand what his role TRULY was in bringing products to the marketplace.

I'm not here to reiterate the biography and struggles of Steve Jobs. There is already a best selling book and millions of articles that have exhausted that topic.

Why were Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak such a power team and how can you do the same?o

Let's first quickly clarify what KIND of CEO Steve was. He was the startup CEO. The startup CEO helps to bring an MVP to the marketplace while persuading investors and generating an exciting buzz around that product.

Most don't know this but the original CEOs are often replaced by a different type of CEO that can scale the product and expand the business, etc. They are generally two different breeds of animals and it is rare that the original CEO of such a company as Apple would be able to carry the organization past the MVP stage and through to launch and then expanding the business into the future.

This is often called "The Founder's Dilemma".

CEOs are often faced with giving up their power in a company in order to expand the company and find greater financial success.

Those who retain their majority ownership in a company remain king but sacrifice bringing the people on board that can help scale and maintain the business better.

Put simply, the CEO, the early founders, can have a large piece of a decent tasting pie or they can share their pie, get a smaller piece when they are asked to be replaced but the pie is much much sweeter.

This should explain why Apple brought Steve back on to the leadership role when they needed him to build up new innovative products or marketing (see imac 1998) and later wanted him gone only to bring him back when they needed his energy and drive to launch another product line like the ipad which includes the ipod>iphone>ipad. Its a series of releases to the ipad in reality. Then he passed. He was perfectly imperfect and people still talk about him on a daily basis around the world.

Steve Wozniak is also a legend and the other half of Steve Jobs. They were friends. They worked their butts off together. They both were involved in the creative process and Woz was extremely talented at figuring out hardware hacks and implementation. He is a very high energy individual to this day and I love seeing him talk. He gets me excited about working in general. He has always had that fire and vision of the possibility of bringing an idea into physical form. Just check out this interview here.

The two went hand in hand, like peas in a pod. Their story is to be remembered. I don't own any Apple products. But I respect what Apple is and its struggles and the fact that it could buy Disney...think about that.

Study these two TOGETHER is what I want you to do.

Make a chart of their weaknesses and strengths that complimented each other.

Relate this to your dreams in creating and selling your own products or services.

See how you can do better. See what you can't do better.

Check your attitude, do you have the same fire these two had?

It's not a bed of roses. There will be arguments, there will be compromises.

But the important thing is do you care? Do your partners care? Does your team care?

Remember, nothing in this world gets done without some intangible motivation, some desire existing first.

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