Your Ability in Electronics is like a DC Motor

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

If you are not yet familiar with how a DC motor works I highly suggest you check it out.

For years I thought it was just some wiring into coils and piece of metal and a magnet.

Turn on the power and boom, spinny thing go spin spin.

However, recently, late into the night I went deep diving into all kinds of motors. AC motors, DC motors, Stepper Motors, Servo Motors. I felt it was TIME. Destiny had arrived!

I had been chosen by the Great Beyond to understand these machines that literally make the world go round.

Motors are in everything you can imagine. The vibrations that your smartphone emits is due to a motor with one half of a weight at the end of it. The uneven weight spinning causes a wobble effect. Put a tiny one of these in your phone and you have the vibrate option...I'm sure you can imagine...other *cough* uses of this kind of setup.

Motors are in your CD, DVD, BluRay, any spinning disc drive.

Motors open and close garage doors, are at the heart of current robotic arms, in every R/C car and in your electric shaver. I'm sure you can think of many others!

So, why do I say your ability is like a DC motor?

A DC motor simply put, is a constant struggle, a battle with momentum.

Take this diagram for example.

There are several ways to set up a motor like this but their operation is all generally the same concept.

Study this diagram until you get it, THAT'S AN ORDER!

Here we have a magnetic field setup already in the outer magnet layer. It is color coded to show you North and South. Think of a magnetic field as an electric field, a constant swirl of electricity like a tornado. If you stuck a metal pin near it, the sticky electrical tornado would grab the surface of the metal pin and push it toward the middle. It's saying, "Come here, and find peace ye troubled soul." Ok.

Electricity is said to flow in one direction but don't worry too much about that right now.

Now we make 1 simple wire coil and stick that in the middle. It is color coded as well. See the blue and red?

Our outside electrical source (battery) will flow through this and interact with the already existing electrical motion which we call magnetism. How do we get the electrical source to flow through the coil? We could just attach the positive part of a battery to one end and the negative to the other. Ok. "Job's done." Maybe it moved a little.

But now its stuck.


We need to try something else.

Let's swap the wires around.

OH! OH! It moved again!


What if we could make the coil swap positive and negative ends constantly? Then it would maybe keep moving, right?


That is where some geniuses long ago discovered they could attach those two ends of the coil to a cylindrical metal tube. The metal tube needed to be attached to the power source so the electricity could flow to the coil, right?

How do we do that without it spinning the power source with it?

We don't want our battery flopping around all over the place...


They figured out they could attach brushes which could conduct the electricity to the metal tube. Those brushes could be connected to the wires from the power source! WOW!

Later, they even implemented springs to help push the brushes firmly against the metal tube. Then another long cylindrical tube could be stuck in the middle of that bigger rotating cylinder and that longer tube is what we attach a gear to. BOOM!

What is happening is the positively charged coil end is pushing and being pushed through the positively charged magnetic field (remember I refer to it as electric, it just makes it easier to understand really, its not my original idea, there have been many great minds who have suggested this long ago and it makes sense to me).

The negative end of the coil pushes through the negatively charged field of the magnet at the same time. The shift of each coil end from positive to negative and vice versa allows continuous motion.

This blew my mind and deserves a great deal of gratitude that most of the world will never even think about.

The motor can now constantly spin because when it reaches the resting point, the point where it no longer moves the coil the polarity shifts from positive to negative and on the opposite side negative to positive and so on.

Just study the diagram and you WILL understand!

If you don't get it now, that's ok! Come back to it later, maybe even a few times. Remember, most people will never come across this concept in their entire lives.

So, feel special!

Your life is like the motor because as the motor is constantly seeking to push through a goal, positive pushing through and away from positive, it must switch polarity when it reaches that goal, when it no longer pushes away, when it is stuck. It must switch its polarity to continue progressing. You then are attracted to your next goal and push through that and continue this process. This is similar to walking where you are constantly losing and finding your balance. There have been some great minds who have discovered this and it makes sense to me.

I hope this makes sense to you.

As I study electronics,robotics and programming I see the analogies they have to our natural lives, how they are mirroring the same concepts that back our physical existence and it is beautiful. Some people find it through hiking in the mountains, some find it through study in a monastery in the middle of nowhere.

This all likely sounds cliche or corny. I don't care. The principles still stand true.

So, keep pushing. Keep taking steps in this hobby and anything else you do. The coil struggles each time as it passes through on each side. Think about that. Yet, it always pushes through as long as its power source is supplying it with electricity, which is similar to your will power.

If you don't have the will power I suggest you do what all good batteries do when they are almost dead...recharge.

Find a way to recharge yourself. Maybe take a few walks outside, go the beach, take a nap, stop spending your whole day on the computer or phone watching Youtube.

Try a coloring book, play basketball, go swimming, try sitting still and not thinking (meditation).

Start building projects NOW, TODAY.

Get ahead of anyone else. Start with my beginner's course where I teach you the basics of the components you will need to learn in the simplest way I know how to explain them. I will be here to help those who are NOT good at math, who have ADHD, etc. but want to make really cool things. Even if it is just a simple toy.

Remember, the difference between toys and killer robots is scale. That is all.

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Good luck!